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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Inspired By

Hello and thanks for calling, today I'm sharing a page in my journal that was inspired by one of my 'special' visitors - 'my' Blackbird, and I'm sharing this over at Art Journal Journey, for Gill's theme of 'Inspsired By'

I've used torn napkin and stencilled flowers and leaves and my  blackbird is actually a photocopy from a napkin with a robin, I've reduced the size and copied it in black and fussy cut, adding a larger beak.                                                                                                                                                         

 Unfortunately, I get a lot of Wood pigeons coming into my garden and they are so greedy, so I           started to feed the smaller birds just outside the patio doors, yes they sometimes make a mess, but a   quick hose over the patio when I've watered the plants each evening  is fine by me.  However this one particular blackbird is so friendly and cheeky, that he looks in the window for me to feed him and as he's feeding chicks, this happens quite a lot.  He's usually sitting on the steps waiting for me when I open the curtains first thing on a morning!                                                                                                
I've added a couple of photos of this cheeky but cute bird (sorry about the reflection)

Hubby recons he gets better fed than him - suet and mealworm coconut, dried mealworms and suet pellets, I've offered to give hubby the same, but he said he didn't want to deprive the birds so he'll just stick to normal food!

Well I better go check whether there's a little visitor waiting for food.

Avril xx


Janette said...

Beautiful Avril, that bird looks so real...
Love to see the birds in my garden but some are just plain greedy, we did have a black bird that would tap the door...they seem quite a friendly lot...xx

froebelsternchen said...

I am in awe of your page - so beautiful Avril !
And how clever to make a black bird out of a robin!
I am really pleased to see this stupendous page linked to AJJ's June theme ! Thank you very much!
This blackbird seems to love your restaurant service! Lol! So lovely how he comes so close to get food!!!
But no wonder if your offer such yummie things that even your hubby gets jealous!
Happy weekend dear Avril and thanks a lot for joining AJJ again!

Hugs, Susi

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

How lovely Avril and so clever to photocopy that beautiful napkin. You've created a lovely journal scene there.
I'm on feeding and watering duties with the birds, those wood pigeons can be so greedy but I have two (now three) that are rather cheeky always stopping by to show me the latest twig they have found so I feel they need to be rewarded hee hee! The smaller birds tend to feed in different areas so there's a happy balance in my little garden. It's so calming to watching the Bird's, Bee's and Butterflies feeding. Time to make up that Bee cocktail as i've heard it's hotting up this week.
Have a super weekend, hope there's sunshine!
Hugs Tracey xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Gorgeous page Avril, love your robin / black bird, very cleverly done. Wood pigeons are a nuisance, and are very greedy indeed. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

brenda said...

It's lovely to be inspired by the Nature on our doorsteps so to speak Avril. We too enjoy all the bird activity, as you say the smaller ones to tend to make a mess but we find the Moorhens love to wander down from the pond in the top paddocks and clear up behind them.

Wishing you a happy weekend.

B x

Gibby Frogett said...

I just love LOVE your beautiful Blackbird page Avril - and how you made him from a Robin was genius! So pleased you shared this at AJJ - thank you :)
And so pleased you showed the lovely photos of your cheeky Blackbird as I can relate to that so much. Has yours got a name? our main Blackbird male we call 'Blackus' and the things he seems to want when he comes looking in the window - is for grapes and fat pellets.
We have a few 'woodies' and one is quite friendly and another we call 'Ducky' has had no tail for atleast 2 year - ans 'she' is quite nervy.
Trouble is once you start feeding birds and watching them - its hard to stop (not that I'd want to) and is addicive.
I posted an old video clip with my post yesterday and you might enjoy it as its bird related :)
Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear Avril
Gill x

Lenie said...

Your post is so sweet and beautiful! I love the story of the blackbird and your art journal page is wonderful. Have a nice weekend! Lenie x

Cath Wilson said...

Ah, what glorious inspiration, Avril. I've had 'my own' blackbirds like that, too and they make such a difference. We had a 'front' blackbird who used to wait for me coming in and hop from fence to fence in front of me, stopping in front of the front door. I used to keep a bag of sultanas in the porch and he knew I'd give him some if he came to meet me. They used to come into the house, looking for food - I miss those days! My favourite would sit on the doorstep and go to sleep, then bring his babies to visit... he'd even come if I called! Keep it up - it's such a worthwhile thing to do and brings so much pleasure.

Love your page. Very cleverly done, too - you're way more patient than I am, lol.

Cath x

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, this is stunning!! Wow!! I love the colors and the details!! It's so amazing!! And how fun it was inspired by a visitor!! He's too cute!! I have problems with Blue Jays...they are so loud and they eat all of my outdoor cats' food!! But I love feeding the birds and watching them at the feeders :) Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Meggymay said...

Its a fabulous page Avril, it is a great alteration of the napkin robin.
I loved the photos of Mr Blackbird, I think he will be bringing his family to visit you and be telling them about the good food on offer when they call.
Yvonne xx

Jannet said...

Oh he looks like a lovely cheeky chappie, he will be pecking on the window next to remind you it is feeding time! You have created such a beautiful art journal page in his honour xx

My name is Erika. said...

That visiter is very friendly and curious. What a great inspiration for your card. Happy rest of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your back story and photos had me smiling all the time I was reading about your incredibly bold and brazen blackbird. I think this made the art you created for Art Journal Journey even more precious and adorable. How creative to use a photocopy and napkins to create this true gem. I enjoyed both birds: the one in your art and the one pecking at your door. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us at Art Journal Journey.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I can see how this blackbird would inspire a page! I put some imperfect raspberries and blueberries out at the weekend - Mr Blackbird kept coming along and looking at me.When he realised that there were no more the next day he helped himself to the blackcurrants - even though they are not quite ripe! Hugs, Chrisx

Caro´s kreative Welt said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful page. Great implementation.
Hugs Carola

Let's Art Journal said...

Such a wonderful page to celebrate your friendly blackbird! The layers of collage and stenciling look amazing and you created your blackbird beautifully 😁. It sounds like your garden is the place to be with all the lovely food on offer and I smiled about your hubby ...lol 😉. I hope you had a lovely week! J 😊 x

Sandy said...

I really loved this post - beautiful journal page! Your blackbird sure is lucky but I think she knows that!!
Sandy xx